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As Autumn Goes by

A chill hiphop album that follows the theme of Japanese autumn scenery. This album is well suited to both relaxation and BGM. Piano melodies that invoke a feeling of nostalgia are complimented with a jazz-inspired harmony and lo-fi beats.
“By the Window on an Autumn Night” takes on the challenge of a new hip hop beat rhythm design. Be sure to also note the polyrhythm structure of “Ume Blossoms in the Lull of the Winter Breeze.”
日本の秋の情景をテーマにしたchill Hiphop 系アルバム。作業用・リラックスに最適。どこか懐かしい感じのするピアノのメロディーに、ジャズハーモニーとlo-fiビートを融合。
『夜半の秋の窓辺にて』では新しいヒップホップ ビート・リズム構造の可能性に挑戦。『寒凪に咲く梅』のポリリズム構造にも注目。


Fugetsu Beats 参加作品

I'm The Key by HITOKA

About me

Fugetsu Beats

Fugetsu Beats creates Chill Piano music.
The theme is Fugetsu(風月). Fugetsu means enjoying scenery of nature for mind and souls. It’s one of Japanese aesthetic thoughts.

The project is adding forgotten Japanese old musical mode to the music with modern harmony, lo-fi beats, polyrhythm  and so on.



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